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Jacey was the apple of her daddy's eyes. But daddy was a roadie for a well known 80's LA rock band, and she didn't get to see him as much as she liked. Her mom and her mom's husband raised her in a very loose, open household in the wilds of Montana with her three half-brothers (two older, one younger) Jacey grew up from being daddy's kitten to become very wild cat indeed.

A tomboy in grade-school, she was known to beat other kids up if they disrespected her daddy's beloved Chicago Cubs. And as she grew older, she got onto the high school softball team, and powder-puff football. Her stepdad taught her to fish, and to hunt, to camp. And she has camped outside in the winter, although she really didn't enjoy the experience. She got into other sports as well. Dancing for instance. Swimming. Kayaking. Acting. It's safe to say that gym was her favorite class in school.

Leaving home after high school, she struck out from Montana to head to the south, ending up in Miami for a couple years where she enjoyed the warm sands and rich tourists. While there she spent time as a dancer, a bartender, and an 'artists' model. One season she was 'Hawaiian Tropics' girl and the next she worked at Hooters. And on some nights she'd hit the strip for 'amateur night' at the clubs. Some she won, some she didn't. All in the game, right?

Miami got dull, or maybe Jacey just had the desire for brighter lights. Her initial trip to LA was postponed due to some weird plague or rash, whatever. But finally? Finally she made it to the city of Angels, with names, numbers and references. And her beloved Harley Davidson, a gift from one of the many boyfriends she'd played with along the way. Only this one just happened to co-own a Harley dealership.

Arriving in LA, Jacey has taken a job as a bartender in one O'Reilly's pub, a low key bar on the outskirts of town. She moved in with a friend of a friend of a cousin's ex-girlfriend, and has an few interviews with the managers of some of the better-known strip joints in the area.

Until then? It's amateur night and bright lights, dance floors, belly shots of tequila, and a long ride until the sunrise.

Jacey smokes pot, she's done cocaine a few times, and she has been known to to roll on ecstasy. Molly, Special K, poppers - yea, they all have their place in her world. She's snorted coke, adderall and even ephedrine on occasion.

Needle drugs are not her thing, and she's just seen too many people go ugly too quick on meth, so that's out too.
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Jacey Noel Merrill-Dirkson

October 2016

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