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Name:Jacey Noel Merrill-Dirkson
Birthdate:Dec 24, 1991
Location:United States of America
*Typist over 18, character over 18* I am not Marissa Miller, nor am I Jacey (or whatever she is calling herself this week)

Jacey is an Original Character; a normal human with no special powers or superhuman talents. She was written to exist in a White Wolf setting.

Name: Jacey Noel Merrill-Dirkson
Alias: Oooh, so many! Hellion, Lynx, Kara, Killeen, Kitten
PB: Marisa Miller
Alignment: Neutral-goodish? Not baddish unless you count speeding tickets and about a quarter ounce of pot in the baggie in her leather jacket.
Fandom: OC, WoD human

Jacey is human. 100% all natural, non-botoxed, non-shifting human.
Hair - strawberry blonde
Eyes - Hazel
Height - 5' 7"
Weight - 122 lbs
Age - 23

And yes, she does have a police record - arrested once for causing a brawl in a sports bar (the Cubs were playing) and once for indecent exposure - caught riding on the back of a Harley in nothing but a leather jacket and thigh high boots. Hey, it was a bet! Both of these arrests somehow never came to court, and her record is strangely still clean.

Special talents: She's good with a pistol and a very good marksman with a rifle. She can ride horses, fish, hunt, camp, skin game, butcher meat, slaughter chickens and farm animals, and clean out horse stalls.

Other talents: She works on her own bike. She also knows old motors - pickup trucks, motorcycles, dirt bikes etc. She currently owns a 2009 Harley Soft Tail and is saving up for a Harley Street 750 (black on black).

Jacey also has a habit of not using her real name when meeting people. She'll use a town she's lived in, a nickname someone has given her, or the name of a pet depending on her mood. It's not that she means to actually lie about it, it's just that she doesn't want to tell the truth.

*** Family ties ***
Brother Mike is 3 years older
Brother Tony is 2 years older
Baby bro Jason is roughly 2 years younger


***THIS IS A FAKE, ROLE PLAYING ONLY, 18+ JOURNAL. Jacey does not exist, except in my mind. Do not sue me, I have no money.

*Extra info and preferences for [info]the_love_hotel here!

Timezone - EST. (yea, yea, the character lives in L.A, the writer does not. Hence the discrepancy)

Also, the character and the writer are both over 18, so adult subjects will come up and be written here. You are warned!

Interests (77):

'scenes', 69, acting, bald men, baseball, bike bars, bikers, blond men, blonde women, blowjobs, boating, breakfast in bed, brunette women, bubble baths, budweiser, chicago cubs, dancing in cages, dancing on poles, dancing on tables, dancing until sunrise, dark haired men, fast cars, fishing, flirting, french kissing, fucking, harleys, heavy metal, high heels, hotel keys, kamasutra, kisses, kisses on skin, latex, leather and studs, making love, massages, men, men on bikes, men with longhair, men with shorthair, motorcycles, music, partying, peanut oil, photography, plastic, playing, quickies, redheaded women, riding free, riding hard, rock and roll, rock concerts, role play, rum, sex, sex in the water, sex in-the rain, sex on beaches, sex outdoors, shopping, short skirts, skinny dipping, snowboarding, speeding, strip joints, strong men, swimming, teasing, the cubs, trying new things, vodka, walking in the rain, winks across rooms, women, women on bikes
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